Don’t just slay! Beware of these fashion items that could actually kill you

Mildred Europa Taylor August 21, 2018

High heels — UC Berkeley

High heels and pointy shoes

Most women love to be in heels despite the discomfort they cause. Wearing heels regularly can cause arthritis, bone and back problems, as well as, nerve and hammer toes. Wearing them for a long time can even damage your knee and spine which can lead to an expensive surgery in the long run. Avoid this by rotating your heels with flat shoes especially when you will be doing a lot of walking.

Pointed shoes — Etsy

With pointy shoes, limit your time them as they can make you suffer from corns and bunions since your toes are pushed together when in them. It is advisable to take them off when seated and put them back on when you need to move.


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