How technology has shaped the concept of hookups

Hookups are becoming increasingly prevalent in popular culture as a result of evolving sexual preferences as well as shifting social and sexual norms. Numerous sexual acts, including oral sex, penetrative contact, and kissing, can be part of hook-up activities. The promise of or desire for a more conventional romantic connection is frequently absent from these encounters, though.

While the term is used to express an array of sexual encounters and desires across the world in some parts it’s used as a business venture and many are cashing out, but this is only a result of technology. 

In the past, hookups were random and regular and were not a transaction, but lately, it’s become intentional and very business-like. The desire and pleasure are not lost in the moment but are very rife and increasingly as intense and enjoyable just like an ordinary couple being intimate. 

The way people meet their potential hookups has significantly changed as a result of the popularity of dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. The amount of persons a person could potentially meet is increased via dating apps. Simply put, the convenience of the internet makes it easy to communicate with more possible connections than they could in person.

This isn’t to claim that social media is “the root of all evil” or that the way we find and start hooking up has fundamentally changed hookup culture. But the conversation is meant to get us thinking about how we may approach the entire process with more consideration.

Social media has been rife in getting people connected irrespective of geographical location.

Snapchat is well-known social media software that allows users to send and receive photos and videos, but these images and videos can only be shared with a small number of friends and last for 10 seconds. The sexual differences between men and women, as well as how they utilize the app to hook up sexually, send naked snapchats, and obtain access to other people are different. It was predicted that guys will use the app more frequently to find partners and request naked snapchats.

When it comes to the usage of Snapchat, it is no secret that college-aged users had a more favorable attitude toward using the app, which is probably because posts only last for ten seconds. Many describe Snapchat as a carefree program that allows them to share mundane elements of their lives with a small number of pals.

For those interested in engaging in hookups, the use of the ‘private story’ on snapchat is their go to as they are able to interact with persons who would be interested and finally go with the person they are comfortable with. 

While many think hookups involve either party posting something ‘naughty’ on their private story, it really does not. For some, no ‘naughty’ image or text must be sent. It’s purely casual and once the request is put across and the other party is interested the game is afloat. 

Technology has made it so easy for these practices to take flight. Today, many claim that apart from dating sites; tinder, hinge, bumble, grindr, Snapchat remains one of the many social media apps that gives room for convenient and easy hookups. 

Albeit many, especially highly religious people judge those who engage in hookups; from the days of early sex work till now that hookups are predominantly in the picture, it does not in any way halt the progress technology has made in not only promoting per se, but making available the option of engaging in such practices if one so pleases to. 

Technology has come a long way since the first telephone was invented. It’s even come a longer way since Apple released its first iPhone and no doubt it will continue to go further in simplifying things, but when it comes to hookups and casual sex, technology has advanced the asking stage; in fact, one can say and I daresay that it’s made the awkward communication surrounding hookups almost nonexistent. 

Vanessa Calys-Tagoe

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