How to make henna without henna powder

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Henna is an ancient Egyptian form of tattooing that has found its way into the fashion world today. There are designated places that you can go get your henna tattoo made. Ever wondered about mixing your own henna and trying your hands on a few deigns or two?

Well, the Egyptian privet plant from which the henna ink is derived is known to originate from Egypt over 5000 years ago. Traces of henna have been found on mummies from 1200 BC to that effect.

The hands and feet of Pharaohs were first dipped in henna prior to mummification. Basically, this henna ink was only accessible to the elite or royals in society.

Henna later migrated out of Egypt when its people presented it to India as a state gift. Queen Mumtaz, who ruled in the 1600s, subsequently became the first Indian queen to be decorated with henna.

Since then, we are all here for this art technique and can’t wait to show you how to make your own at home.

Henna serves as a bodily adornment during special occasions like holidays, birthdays and weddings in several North African countries such as Libya, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, as well as, various cultures in the Middle East.

Moroccan families paint their doors with henna as it is believed to drive away evil and bring prosperity.

Before there is a henna paste, there is the powder which is derived from the dried leaves of the plant. It is said to have cooling properties when prepared into a paste. People in desert regions smear this paste on their feet and arms to make desert life bearable.

In the manufacturing industry, this natural, organic hair dye is used in cosmetics, textiles and hair care products.

Aside from natural dye, henna can be used to treat certain skin diseases like eczema and scabies, as well as, fungal infections, and wounds.

Now that we are well informed about henna, let’s get to making our DIY paste without the actual henna powder.

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Baby Powder
Food Coloring (recommend red as it is more visible)
Henna application tube

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Mix the same ratio of baby powder to water (so, you might mix 2 Tbs powder and 2 Tbs water) and blend.

Add 15 – 20 drops of food color and then mix until well blended.

The consistency should be that of pudding. If it is too thick, add a few more drops of water.  If it is too thin, add a little more powder.

Pour into your henna application tube. Cut a very tiny tip off the end of the tube. If it comes out too slowly, cut a tiny bit more off.

Slowly apply your design using thick lines. While you can use thinner ones, they may not show as well, until the design has fully dried.

Once your Henna application is finished, allow it to dry for about an hour before removing the dried powder. Remember, your designs don’t have to be perfect!

When it’s dry, your design will stay imprinted on your skin in whatever color you chose. That tattoo will last anywhere from one to two weeks, so keep that in mind (in case you don’t want it to show in your pictures).

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