by Farida Dawkins, at 01:30 pm, July 19, 2018, Money Moves

Top 10 African countries that owe the colonizers the most money

Vegetable vendors sell their wares on the side of the road as business continues as usual in the Zimbabwean capital Harare on November 16, 2017, a day after the military announced plans to arrest “criminals” close to the president.
Zimbabweans weighed an uncertain future on November 16 without President Robert Mugabe after the army took power and placed the 93-year-old, a liberation hero turned authoritarian leader, under house arrest. / AFP PHOTO / STR/ Getty Images


The landlocked country located in southern Africa is gaining funds from minerals, gold, agriculture, tourism and mining.

The IMF cites that the country owes $14.55 billion.

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