Waist-beads, bedsheets and Kunyaza: The Afrikan art of love and love-making

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The exponential growth of the pornography industry has enhanced amongst a people caught up in the Corporate Culture, increased superficial notions of love and love-making. What love is, is very dicey to explain, but its magnetic pull on two or more people struck by it is easily observable in the way and manner they carry themselves about in their respective presence.

Given a thriving relationship between a sexually matured man and woman, the sacred art of love-making is not far removed from their union as it forms a considerable bonding element that also tends to consummate their union.

In past and present Afrikan communities, love-making was and is a path by which couples increased their experiences of the divine energy intelligence (God) through orgasm, whiles simultaneously strengthening the unseen bond holding them together as a couple who have resolved to fulfil their earthly duties by sharing in each other’s experiences whatever they may be. Thus, the; gestures, practices, acts, bodily accessories and rituals that strengthened lovers’ experience of the divine were and are still held in high esteem within Afrikan communities.

The Afrikan woman is a repository of pleasure, feminine energy, grace and the underrated notion of love (I tend to wonder why others claim love is overrated). The Afrikan man, on the other hand, is a transmitter of pleasure, masculine energy and tenderness in the affairs of love and love-making. They are both representatives of the ‘Negative’ and ‘Positive’ (these concepts do not bear any intrinsic moral or ethical values whatsoever) divides of creation, and that is the reason why their love interaction often gives rise to creation, otherwise known as childbirth.

In view of this, the Afrikan woman of the past and the present knew to not only attract her transmitter but maintain the ensuing interaction resulting from it. The Afrikan man also put in the work to ensure that the transmission process was uninterrupted, for his giving fulfils his hard-wired role and in that he finds pleasure.

The use of waist beads amongst Afrikan women to enhance their sexuality, feminine energy and attractiveness is a culture that dates back to the ancient Kingdom of Egypt. Ancient Egyptian women wore waist beads to ‘announce’ their sexual maturity and readiness for coupling. The Ghanaian woman, on the other hand, will tell you that; “the waist beads are for my shape” feeding into the popular folk belief that waist beads shape up a woman’s body nicely. ‘Jigida’ or ‘ikeke idi’ are some of the names given to waist beads in Nigeria whose women believe that waist beads do not only make them sexually attractive to their male counterparts but also protect them from undue rape and sexual molestation of varying forms.

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Waist beads on the Afrikan woman.
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After the Afrikan woman has succeeded in her role of attraction using her shapely-waist beads-adorned-body and feminine charm, the Afrikan man compliments her hard-work with his own measure of loving tenderness on the bedsheet, all in a quest to heighten each other’s experience of the divine and loving bond.

Kunyaza is a Rwandan ‘bedroom’ concept that when adhered to diligently by the man, will lead to explosively wet orgasms given the woman, revealing her sacred waters, and this in turn will excite the man who in subsequent love-making rounds will attain his fair share of ‘explosive’ orgasms.

In a Kunyaza driven love-making session, the man must exercise a lot of restraint and focus the pleasure on the woman till she reaches the utmost heights in orgasm. It begins with the woman laying on her back with legs open, the man uses the tip of his erect manhood to mindfully rub against the inner folds of her womanhood, gradually graduating to the sensual bud crowning her womanhood named; ‘clitoris’. When the woman has been stimulated to a reasonable degree, the man penetrates the mysterious depth of her womanhood using his erect manhood in an alternating manly play of shallow and deep thrusts, paying attention to the woman’s reaction and bodily rhythm along the way. Circular motions within the woman with his manhood are encouraged as a significant part of the Kunyanza love-making process. The woman who endures the Kunyaza ‘ordeal’ is bound to encounter an explosive orgasm in the face of a man who is patient and well-equipped in skill and experience given the love-making art named Kunyaza.

Talk about the origins of Kunyaza, Rwandans hold that; during the third dynasty of the pre-colonial Kingdom of Rwanda, Nyanza being the capital city at the time held a lonely queen whose king had gone off to war. So as the fates would have it, (or rather as her hormones would have it) she summoned one of her royal male guards to satisfy her sexual needs. The guard who was paralyzed by a fear stemming from thoughts of making love to the King’s bride in his absence found himself rubbing his manhood against the Queen’s womanhood in his bid to penetrate her. This, however, brought the Queen so much pleasure she reached orgasm for the first time, and such goes the narrative surrounding the birth of Kunyaza.

A brief documentary on Kunyaza.
Video credit: YouTube.

Bizimana (2011) in his article; ‘Kunyaza: An African Contribution to the Treatment of Female Orgasmic Dysfunction’ forwards that out of 55 women participants who suffered from orgasmic dysfunction (they were unable to reach orgasm prior to the study), 35 reached orgasm through vulval stimulation, 15 through vaginal stimulation and 33 including some participants of the previous groups attained orgasm through an interplay of vulval and vaginal stimulation. This led to the conclusion that Kunyaza plays a significant role in correcting the issue of orgasmic dysfunction amongst women.

Love has been submitted by the mystics of old as the ultimate law there is, and the greatest healing power there ever will be. Love-making between two consenting adults is deeply satisfying when both participants understand their respective roles and execute them with poise, purpose and a pinch of style, for how else would we rather meet our creator whose loving essence can be found in intense orgasms?

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