10 texts guys send when they are bored or lonely and not in love

Avatar Mildred Europa Taylor | Editor December 11, 2019

Photo: MadameNoire

Let’s face it. There are guys who are frank enough to tell you they’re bored, no matter how annoying that can be.

But what’s probably worse comes from those who keep sending you certain texts that make you wonder whether they are into you or are just stringing you along.

With the advent of social media and online dates, texting has become one of the best ways to know someone. But it can sometimes get creepy, and for most ladies, we tend to wonder if he is texting because he is bored or he is really interested.

If you don’t seem to find the answer to this question, then the following will surely help you; they are the texts most guys send when they are just bored or lonely and not looking for love:

‘I’ll let you know’

You probably get this reply most of the time when you request an invite or a hangout and then you begin to wonder if he’s just indecisive. Well, the actual thing is, you are not in his future plans so he will continue to ‘let you know.’


Generally, ‘haha’ and ‘lol’ are supposed to be positive reactions but if a guy keeps sending such replies to any kind of conversation you bring up, he is either just being lazy or bored.

‘Send me a pic’

You may think he is constantly asking for your pics because he finds you attractive and enjoys looking at you but usually, such guys are just bored with their lives and looking for ways to entertain themselves.

‘What’s up’

It’s no big deal if a guy sends this out of the blue because he might truly be concerned about what is going on with you but if it becomes like an everyday text, he is simply lazy, bored and needs something to entertain himself with.

‘Yh’ and ‘k’

These are the worst. You tell him something or ask him loads of questions and his replies are ‘yh’ or ‘k’; he couldn’t even type a simple yes or okay. These are already boring responses and they show you the kind of guy you are dealing with; one who has nothing to say or offer.

‘What are you doing’

If he constantly sends this without even showing any effort to meet up with you, then he just has nothing good to talk about because he is bored and not interested.

‘You are looking good’

This is almost like the ‘I like your DP’ kind of messages women get right after changing their photos on their social media platforms. And if you are constantly getting the ‘you are looking good’ texts from a guy after probably updating a status on Facebook or Whatsapp, he is just bored and looking for who to flirt with, yh!

‘Awake?’ at midnight

We call them the late-night texters; they only show up around 11 pm or 12 am and ask if you are up. But there’s nothing romantic about this. The thing is, such guys are just bored and the moment they feel sleepy, you realize that they just disappear. They will go AWOL for the whole day and return at night.

‘Now seeing this, sorry’

At a time when most of us are attached to our cellphones and using them at almost every time of the day, it will be kind of strange for him to say he never got your message. Forget the ‘I was busy’ talk from most guys; the truth is they just remembered your text and are now bored again and ready to chat.

The meme

It’s great to act all funny sometimes but if he keeps sending you memes or GIFS as replies to any serious text you send, it’s a sign that he cannot be taken seriously.