5 things you can do to slow down aging

Ama Nunoo Ama Nunoo | Editor October 18, 2019

Photo: Bem Estar

Aging is a natural phenomenon that is inevitable, but there are some who do look older than their age and some who do not look anything like their original age. Especially for black women, the popular adage that is sung in our communities is: ‘Black don’t crack.’

While this is true as Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union-Wade, Angela Basset and Brianca Lawson are living proof, we still do have to take care of ourselves in order to keep looking young and slow down the ageing process.

Some people would rather swap the natural ways of keeping a healthier and younger skin for plastic surgeries or other chemically induced black women’s skincare products that are overly expensive.

These latter options are available, but why wait for your skin to get so damaged to rely on such measures when there is a better, cost-effective way of taking better care of your skin.

An African American mother and her daughters looking more like triplets, Photo: Inside edition

All one needs to do is to make a few lifestyle changes and the key to slowing the ageing process would be theirs.

Healthy Living: Nutritionists keep saying you are what you eat, and I believe so too. There is a wide variety of food that can slow down the ageing process and instantaneously fortify your skin.

Fruits and vegetables like papaya, nuts, red bell pepper, avocado, blueberry, watercress, spinach, broccoli, etc. have the tendency to strengthen the body and repair damages caused to the skin by working from our insides which will, in turn, manifest on the outside.

Sleep more: Everybody needs a good rest after a long day at work. The benefits of sleeping are so underrated because some hold the belief that too much sleep makes them lazy. Sleep allows the body to repair damaged cells and to recuperate.

It also aids in weight loss and makes one healthier than when you sleep less. It is recommended that we sleep on our backs because any position that thrusts our faces into the pillow or bed increases wrinkles. The reason being when the face is buried in the pillow, it reduces circulation which can damage the skin.

Smoking causes wrinkles: A girl’s worst enemy is wrinkles, but what many do not know is, smoking also causes wrinkles. So if you smoke, this is the best time to quit, not just for the numerous health risks it poses as it also makes you look way older than your age. Experts say the chemicals in cigarettes tend to dehydrate and influence the skin’s structure. This speeds up ageing.

Sunscreen: Black people are of the notion that we don’t need sunscreen because our melanin protects us from the sun and prevents us from getting sunburns. However, we are prone to hyper-pigmentation from overexposure to the sun or even skin cancer.

Thus, it is always better to cultivate the habit of using sunscreen because aside from protecting our skin from hyper-pigmentation, it also prevents it from wrinkles. The only catch is to get a sunscreen that has SPF 30+ and blends with darker skin tones.

Moisturize & Hydrate: God has blessed the motherland with many organic ingredients that can moisturize your skin with all the added benefits that come with it. Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter and many more.

Photo: Africa Business Jumpstart

A hydrated skin keeps the wrinkles away. It simply won’t make your skin crack, literally. More water intake and being consistent with using moisturizers is the remedy. The skin is a living organism that wears with time, so applying natural moisturizers that will leave no side effects and give it all the added vitamins to keep the skin looking younger and fresh is the way to go.

As the skin loses its elasticity with ageing, daily moisturizing restores the elasticity and prevents cracks and dry patches as well as other skin irritations like eczema.

Switch up your routine by adding these tips to your daily lifestyle regimen and watch your skin stay younger and healthier than your actual age.