Did you shave your hair for cancer? 10 things you should never say to a bald man

Avatar Mildred Europa Taylor | Editor October 24, 2019


Women often complain that losing their hair is a traumatic experience but most of them feel it’s not the same for men.

In fact, men who experience some degree of hair loss get devastated too.

By age 35, some men start realizing that they are going bald and it gets embarrassing for them.

It makes them feel they are losing their youth and vigour. They feel they are almost becoming like their fathers. Some even wonder whether they are still sexy.

With their heads being sheared off by a sheet of glass, the least they would have are jokes from people about their situation.

It’s fine if they make their own jokes; allow them to. But never make jokes about their situation; you can never tell when they are not in the mood for such jokes.

And for the ladies who would buy their bald partners hats, are you implying that you are embarrassed about their balding head?

You can rather help him find products to try and stop his hairline receding. And don’t tell him he has so many years ahead of him so he shouldn’t bother…most guys in such situations say that pisses them off.

The following are other things bald men say they will never want to hear from you:

Photo: The Mirror

Did you shave your hair for cancer?

Photo: Men’s Variety

Why don’t you try a wig?

Photo: Legendary Hairstyles

Can I touch your head?

Photo: dudewhereismyhair.wordpress.com

It’s okay. You have a nice-shaped head

Photo: Cool Men’s Hair

Don’t worry, girls love a bald guy

Photo: Africa Star News

Do you work in security?

Photo: Pinterest

Is it like a neo-Nazi thing?

Photo: Black America Web

Do you wish you had hair?

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Oh, I feel so sorry for you, getting your head sheared off like that

Photo: BBC

Oh, it’s so shiny