Eight health benefits of pomegranates you probably didn’t know

Ama Nunoo Ama Nunoo | Editor December 4, 2019

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It was not until my blood pressure shot up that I discovered pomegranates. It is apparently one of the healthiest fruits given to humans by mother nature.

It can reduce the risk of many diseases whiles filling your body with vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin E.

Punicalagins and punicic acid are the two compounds that make the fruit very nutritious and beneficial for humans.

Experts say it contains three times the antioxidants found in green tea or wine due to its anti-viral, anti-tumor and antioxidants qualities.

The ruby-colored jewel-like seeds are called arils which are found underneath the hard-inedible skins of the fruit. You have the option to eat the seeds in their raw state or juice them up. You might also want to consider making them a staple in your smoothies.

Whichever way you prefer them, these are the benefits that you will get.

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Blood thinner

There are types of blood clots. The first type prevents us from bleeding excessively during injuries such as cuts. The second is a dangerous type of clotting. It occurs internally in your blood vessels that can prevent the free flow of blood to your heart.

This is where you need pomegranates. This fruit thins your blood and prevents the blood platelets from coagulating or clotting due to the antioxidants in the fruit.

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Cancer prevention

The anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranates, according to research, fights cancer at certain stages or can even prevent certain kinds of cancer.

The fruit is rich in polyphenol and together with its anti-inflammatory properties prevents some DNA mutations, stifle cancer cells from growing and prevents them from spreading to other parts of the body.

Researchers are still looking into the above properties of the fruit, but studies show they help to combat breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer.

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Fights heart disease and reduces blood pressure

Blood pressure increases when there is too much pressure on the heart. This pressure can occur due to plaque in the arteries. Well, pomegranate juice, according to a recent study, lowers blood pressure and regulates cholesterol levels. The research further iterates the importance of adding pomegranate to your diet to keep your heart healthy.

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Sharpens memory

Are you forgetful lately? The polyphenols in pomegranate is what you need to improve your memory function. A glass or two of pomegranate juice daily, according to a study, helped some individuals perform better on memory tests than those who took a placebo drink.

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Stress reliever

Pomegranate juice, according to research by Queen Margaret University, reduces the body’s internal oxidative stress. The juice also helps to lower the psychological stress that happens in our daily lives. The cortisol, a stress hormone, reduced significantly for those who drank pomegranate juice after the study.

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Improves digestion

This delicious fruit contains 45% of the daily recommended fiber. When added to your diet, you’d be doing your body a great service since most of us find it difficult keeping up with eating our fruits and vegetables which contain fiber that improves our digestion.

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Relieves rheumatoid arthritis

This fruit is packed with very strong anti-inflammatory properties that can decrease joint aches, swelling and tenderness. Some studies have proven that pomegranate blocks the production enzymes that destroy cartilages which can be any arthritis patient’s worst nightmare.

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Hydrates skin and improves hair growth

The vitamin C in pomegranates improves the skin’s brightness and replenishes dull skin. Direct application on the skin is a quick way to reduce pores and improve the skin’s texture.

Also, the antioxidants are good for your hair follicles as it makes them stronger. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp which is a major scalp stimulant for hair growth.