How to salvage your heat damaged natural hair

Ama Nunoo Ama Nunoo | Editor December 1, 2020

Heat damaged natural hair can always be salvaged. Photo:

I had a silk press done to my 4b/4c hair and it has been my worst nightmare. It is a silk press gone wrong, to be honest. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I do not use any form of heat to style my hair whatsoever. However, I was fascinated by a silk press post I saw on Instagram, went in for it and it is safe to say my hair is heat damaged.

Now, this is not to say do not go in for a silk press when you want to switch up your look or give your hair the needed trim. Nonetheless, protect your hair so it does not get damaged.

In event that your hair is damaged, and you so desperately need your curls to bounce back, this post will help to rescue your hair.

To begin with, avoid heat in any way whatsoever. Heat is not your friend. If you are accustomed to blow drying your hair on a regular after wash days, try air drying it instead. Twist or braid your wet hair to help add definition to it and then let it air dry.

Go in for a clarifying shampoo to rid your scalp of any product build-up. This aids in moisture retention so your hair does not become brittle.

Protein treatment should be your best friend. Too much heat strips the hair of protein, but your hair stays strong with the right amount of protein in it. Get a good protein treatment or make your own and apply it to your hair. Don’t forget to lock in moisture after you rinse your hair out.

Less manipulation can also prevent your heat damaged hair from breaking. Wear protective styles like a weave, wig, or braids so you don’t manipulate your hair every morning.

For severely damaged hair, the only way out is to have either a ‘mini big chop’ or a heavy trim. You will know that your hair is heavily damaged if all the above steps do not aid your curls to bounce back.

I know some people hate to trim their hair but not to worry, having stronger and healthier hair should always trump length and the upside is, your hair will definitely grow back with the above steps.

Remember, little to no heat is always recommended for a healthy natural hair journey.