The perfect Christmas gift for a fitness junkie

Ama Nunoo Ama Nunoo | Editor December 18, 2020

Fitness is a lifestyle and anyone can still be in shape even after 50 years and fitness gifts this Christmas will be appropriate for all ages. Photo:

The quarantine period got many of us into fitness after it dawned on us that over-snacking has its side effects. Now your best friend is a fitness junkie and being a supportive friend, you would want the perfect Christmas gift to help them on their new journey.

Gym rats found it the hardest to cope but knowing how they highly regard their health, most of them quickly resorted to home workouts, with the occasional zoom workout with other buddies during lockdown.

Still, they too need a Christmas gift that will be of benefit to their lifestyle, not one that they will shove under their beds the moment you turn around.

Here is a list of thoughtful fitness gift items for your fitness junkie friend.

The Gym Bag (and Beyond)

Photo: Dagne Dover

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Photo: LARQ

Made to Move Mask

Photo: Athleta

Personal Blender

Photo: Ninja

Sports Yoga Roller Wheel

Photo: Ativafit

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Photo: Amazon

The Best Wireless Headphones

Photo: Bose

Portable Treadmill

Photo: Umay/Amazon

The Easiest At-Home Infrared

HigherDOSE  Infrared Mat - HigherDOSE
Photo: HigherDose

Best Phone Carrier

Photo: LifeProof