Six tips to help you avoid adding on extra calories during the holidays

Ama Nunoo Ama Nunoo | Editor December 2, 2019

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There is an abundance of food during the holidays and it’s always easy to binge eat without giving a care in the world.

Well, we are here to tell you to eat with care because you wouldn’t want to deal with all that extra weight after the holidays.

The health risks that come up with piling on unnecessary calories shouldn’t be underrated as well. This is because most people walk around thinking they are healthy, and they may appear slim but have high cholesterol due to bad eating habits.

Well, one may say, they would detox after the holidays to rid their system of all the extra pounds gained. The truth is, how many people complete their detox plans without falling off the wagon?

Here’s how you can enjoy your holiday food without the added guilt whiles taking care of your body.

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Eat before stepping out

There are so many holiday soirees that will pop up this season and yes you can attend all of them if you have the time. There is always loads to eat at these parties; finger foods, cookies, mince pies, and candies, you name it.

The trick to avoiding packing on more calories is to eat before stepping out of the house. Don’t stuff yourself too much but a good base meal will keep you from arriving at the party famished and ready to devour every meal you see.

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No alcohol on an empty stomach

Taking alcohol on an empty stomach is telling your body to have a field day with food with no breaks. Alcohol increases appetite so in order to have a ledge on what you eat, avoid taking alcohol when you haven’t eaten. Also, holiday drinking adds on to your calories. Substitute a third glass of wine with water or fresh fruit juice to balance it out.

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Don’t hang around the food set up

For people who are recreational eaters, this is for you. Keep a good enough healthy distance from the food. It will prevent you from nibbling whiles having a chat around the table and save you some added calories.

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Don’t forget your vegetables

On almost every party menu, there will be some vegetables and fruits. This is a friendly reminder not to gloss over them and head straight to digging in on the turkey. Include them in your meals because the roughage from the veggies and fruits would fill you up. Hence, you have little room for food that might add on to the pounds.

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Scout the buffet table

When there is so much to eat and drink, it’s always easy to pack your plate with so much. People end up wasting food or forcing themselves to finish the mound of food they took from the buffet. A good trick to avoid any of these is to check out all the options on the table.

After, choose foods that you truly enjoy in small portions. It’s okay to take a 10-minute pause in between meals. With that, you can know whether you are satisfied, or you are just eating because the food is available.

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Don’t shy away from the dance floor

A few moves on the dance floor could go a long way to help you shed off some calories. The mere fact that there will be some light physical activity during the party is better than no activity. You can suggest a dance break during the party so everyone gets on the dance floor if you don’t want to be alone on the dance floor.