Want guests to have a taste of your wedding? Add these mouth-watering African snacks

Avatar Mildred Europa Taylor | Editor November 29, 2019

African egg roll. Photo: Pinterest

Every couple wants to serve a meal their wedding guests will love.

Whether you are planning a formal dinner or a backyard celebration, guests will be fully happy if they are served with good food and savories.

Besides, after all the preparations that go into the big day, what mostly crowns everything is the reception which should also go with an appetizing menu.

Industry experts do outline certain foods that should never be served at weddings but definitely not these African snacks.

Add these crunchy, spicy, and delicious savories to your wedding menu and your guests will not be disappointed:

Photo: Pinterest

Fish roll

The popular West African street food, particularly in Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon, is made with pastry filled with spices, meat or sardines. Known as fish rolls in Nigeria and Cameroon but spring rolls in Ghana, they are usually rolled up but in other countries, they are made in the shape of meat pie. Almost everyone loves these crunchy snacks and your wedding guests will love them too.


Photo: ivonneajayi.co.uk

Meat pie

Whether as breakfast, brunch or as a snack, people just love their meat pie. In Africa, meat pies are a bit light and flaky but what people enjoy most are the fillings, which can be either carrots, potatoes or minced beef.


Photo: African Pot

Puff Puff

It’s a very popular West African street food because it’s quick and easy to make though this traditional snack varies throughout the region. Called Puff-puff in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and in anglophone Cameroon but bo-frot in Ghana, the snack is made from yeast dough, shaped into a ball and deep-fried until golden brown. And it’s delicious.


Photo: YouTube

Candied peanuts

A favorite snack of Africans, particularly in Cameroon where it’s sold as a street food, groundnut sweet or candied peanut is a crunchy snack made by coating peanuts with crystallized sugar and it’s so sweet and simply irresistible.


African egg roll

Also known as scotch eggs and very popular in West Africa, especially Nigeria and Cameroon, African egg rolls are crunchy, spicy and tasty and are one of the best ways to enjoy boiled eggs.