What no one tells you about having twins

Avatar Mildred Europa Taylor | Editor October 25, 2019

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Having large numbers of children do tend to be a struggle but the arrival of twins is often received with so much joy by families who regard it as a blessing.

Twins, the birth of two offspring from the same pregnancy, is a relatively uncommon phenomenon. As such, twins are often regarded as special.

Generally, twins run in families, implying that the chance of having them is partly determined by one’s genes, though older women also bear more twins.

In recent years, it has been disclosed that one’s diet may also play a role in having twins. But what many do not disclose are the extras that come with having two babies.

They are experiences that doctors will not even tell you. Here are some of them:


The pregnancy will be hard

It’s going to be really hard. Even walking to the local shop to get groceries wouldn’t be easy.

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Chances of premature labour are high

Apart from carrying two babies for months, the other thing to note when expecting twins is that you are likely to go into labour earlier than those expecting single babies.

Mothers have often highlighted the shock they get when they see their tiny premature babies.

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Twins may be born differently

You can give birth to one twin vaginally and the second by emergency C-section.

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You will never sleep

With twins, you are going to be exhausted but you wouldn’t get the sleep you would want – whether in the morning or at night. The phrase ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ does not work for you. It’s even worse when you have older children apart from the twins.

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It’s hard getting around

You will not go anywhere for a long time. Leaving the house with twins to the grocery store is a whole chore as you have to worry about carrying two babies, their feeds and nappy changes.

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Everybody is going to talk

Of course, it’s nice to get compliments from people about your twins, but mothers say it gets annoying when they have to respond to questions like: “Are they identical?” “Who’s older?” “Do twins run in your family?” “You had IVF?’ “Do they get along?” The thing is, everywhere you go with your twins, people will stop and stare, and the questions would follow.

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You will be uneasy

You are going to be nervous about the future of your twins. How is life going to be for each child…is one going to succeed than the other? How will you cope if one is having a good time and the other’s life is not going as planned?

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You might never want to have twins

Getting to know all the above might not make you have twins.