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How a childhood skin and hair problem inspired Psychella Terry to build a successful cosmetic empire

Psychella Terry is the CEO of UI Global Brand, Urban Hydration, which she co-founded with her husband and business partner, Vontoba Terry Sr. She describes herself as the Beauty Boss and Beauty Queen.

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Terry disclosed that she suffered from dry skin and dry hair all through childhood. She was also teased a lot, which consequently caused her to develop low self-esteem. As a 25-year-old adult, she was finally able to visit the dermatologist to receive a diagnosis and treatment for her eczema.

According to her, the prescribed medical solutions she got were filled with chemicals that made her feel worse off. This compelled her to look into natural plant-based solutions for the issue. Through that, she partnered with a local non-profit where she served full-time as a Board member at the Blind Center of Nevada to create a bath and body line while giving them a new brand to use as a fundraiser.  

She was then motivated to create natural products that made one’s skin feel like a ‘Spa day’ without the expenses attached. She also wanted to steer away from the cosmetics that do not fully reveal what their products entailed, to give a ‘what you see is what you get’ experience to all her customers, she revealed in an interview with Canvas Rebel. She is also a strong advocate for skin health.  

Psychella’s products are mostly affordable under $20 and can be found nationwide in about 32,000 retail shops. The scrub collection, which first began as a simple remedy for her Eczema, is now the foundation of her great company.

She is also known as the first-ever designer to offer a G-cup-sized bra, according to NMSDC. The product was sold in Walmarts across the United States in different shades of brown and larger sizes.

The entrepreneur refers to herself as a ‘better maker’ and holds that to “whom much is given, much is expected.”

She was crowned Mrs. Texas in 2022. Terry is a mother of 3, and works hand in hand with her husband to keep the company going. She disclosed that working with her husband has been smooth, due to their close friendship; they both work well together and equally share the boss position, according to Cocotique.

The entrepreneur is partnered with WATERisLIFE and donates a part of every product her company sells to communities experiencing water scarcity in Kenya. According to her, they have helped over 100,000 people gain access to clean drinking water.

Her philanthropic achievements also include over $50,000 in scholarships for students majoring in Business at the Haworth College of Business at WMU.

The boss lady sits on the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Collin County, as well as the Board of Directors for the WMU Alumni Association Board. She has also been featured in many interviews and popular TV shows as her works continue to break ground.

Psychella earned a Key to the city after the youth mentorship program she began in her hometown, Benton Harbor, MI, succeeded beyond measure.

Psyche holds a BBA in Marketing from Western Michigan University, as well as an MBA from the University of Nevada.

DW named Psychella and her husband as part of America’s exclusive Black upper class for their creation of a cosmetic empire in Texas.

She’s gained accolades like ‘Woman of the Year,’ ‘Philanthropist of the Year’ in 2019, as well as ‘An Influencer to Know’ and ‘Woman of the Year in Business’ in 2018.

Psychella Terry hopes to make her brand and products the most recognizable and affordable in the world, and wants her products to be used across generations.

She encourages the youth and aspiring entrepreneurs to “be a better maker and earn to own it.”

Dollita Okine

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