‘I am amazed’ – Seven-year-old boy signs contract to illustrate a book

Mildred Europa Taylor December 14, 2020
Magnus Smith will have 31 days to illustrate the book, which is expected to be published next year. Image via FOX5

Magnus Smith loves to draw because it’s “fun” to him and it makes him happy. But he will now be paid for it as he signed a contract recently with Charlie’s Port Publishing to illustrate a book titled, “Alien Invasion.” Cartersville Primary first-grader Magnus will be paid per illustration/image, according to his mom, Breanna Smith, who is elated by the news.

“I am amazed at his artwork, especially at his age,” said Breanna. “My husband [Brett Smith] has potential drawers on his side of the family, but we believe Magnus has taken it to another level, and we are so excited for him and want it to take him as far as it can.”

Magnus started drawing from age three and was then always asking his parents for crayons and paper. He would usually sit in front of the TV at home with paper and crayons and try to draw whatever was on the TV, his parents said. Later, he started asking for pens and colored pencils instead of crayons or markers. Eventually, his drawings got better.

“He got to the point where he could just glance at something and then run to the table and just draw it without having it in front of him,” said Breanna. “That’s when we knew he had a gift, and we really wanted to do something with it and not let it go to waste.”

Breanna, realizing her son’s talent, spoke with his teacher, Metta Whitton, about his drawings last year with the aim to get him into an art camp. The teacher, Whitton, however, found later on the internet that there was a children’s book publishing company looking for a child illustrator to illustrate a book written by an 11-year-old.

Whitton sent a drawing of “Three Billy Goats Fluff” that Magnus drew for a class assignment to the publisher, and the publishing company got back immediately, The Daily Tribune News reported. The publishing company subsequently asked Magnus to draw a few things around the house in black marker. The company, which was dumbfounded that a young boy could draw like the way he did, then came back with a contract.

Magnus will have 31 days to illustrate the book, which is expected to be published next year. “I plan to buy copies of the books he illustrates and have Magnus autograph them,” Whitton said. “Magnus’ future is so bright. I can’t wait to see what happens.”

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