About Us

Our Mission

Face2face Africa is a premier pan-African digital media and events company  based in New York City.  Our mission is to reshape the pan-African narrative and amplify the voice of  black people around the globe. Our digital platforms and events reach, engage, and connect millions of audiences each year. 

Our History

Face2face Africa was  established in 2011 by young college graduates Sandra Appiah and Isaac Babu-Boateng to help rebrand Africa and reclaim control of the pan-African narrative. Drawing from their own negative experiences growing up as African immigrants in New York, the pair created a platform that has  evolved into an international reference for pan-African history, culture, and innovation. The company has been praised for “turning pan-Africanism from an intellectual idea to a concrete reality”, with innovative platforms that are connecting, empowering and celebrating black people around the world. 


We reach and inform millions of audiences monthly via our digital portal and social media arms.  We report on pan-African news and current affairs with a focus on  lifestyle, business, politics, entertainment, culture, history, women and more.


We produce world-class events that inform, connect, empower, and celebrate people of African descent. Some of our events include: Pan-African Weekend, FACE List Awards Gala, FACE Talk, IAAPA Business & Career Expo, and Pan-African Women Forum. We also host intimate forums and conferences throughout the year.