Idiat Shiole, the metaverse tailor putting Africa on the globe with 3D virtual fashion designs

She is identified as a metaverse tailor in fashion circles. The Nigerian fashion designer, Idiat Shiole, who started from a humble beginning, has revolutionized traditional textile design to 3D virtual fashion.

Shiole was inspired by the burning passion to be different. When she realized that the Nigerian fashion industry was less developed, she began exploring possibilities in the digital space. She soon found her niche, which was infusing her style with digital art, leading to the most trending virtual creations in Nigeria.

Reflecting on her journey, Shiole noted that “People could not make the connection with the way I dressed to the kind of art I create.” But, over time this disconnect became the driving force behind her creation of a unique node between fashion and the metaverse.

Shiole, also known as HADEEART, explained that despite starting her career in physical fashion after studying textile design in college, she sought further opportunities, particularly due to the relatively smaller scale of the textile industry in Nigeria.

This led her to explore digital fashion, learning tools like Marvelous Designer and Clo3D, gradually immersing herself in the world of digital fashion and extended reality (XR), according to Mint and Wear.

HADEEART ATELIER is a brainchild of the Nigerian fashion icon. It is a fashion studio focused on virtual fashion design, 3D modeling, motion design, and XR technology. Its mission is to transform fashion through technology, promoting sustainable design principles and advancing fashion education for the future.

Shiole also created Àwèlé, a virtual influencer and fashion model, which embodies transhuman and afrofuturistic traits.

On digital fashion projects she has led, Shiole, along with two co-founders, spearheaded a startup named “The Hacedor,” which specializes in digital fashion solutions for brands. Their services encompass everything from advising on 3D strategy to producing digital garments and immersive AR/VR experiences.

She has also initiated a digital asset shop offering fashion-related 3D models, facilitating access for emerging designers seeking high-quality assets for their creative endeavors.

She recently took part in Portion’s Afrofuturism Week, joining around 15 other artists to exhibit her work. She is currently focused on expanding her virtual modeling endeavors, unveiling new digital models in the future.

Stephen Nartey

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