10 deadliest neighbourhoods in the U.S. where you need to be on guard

Fatiatu Inusah April 08, 2019
A crime scene

Apart from homes, neighbourhoods should be the closest thing to safety everyone should cherish. It is a natural instinct to want to live in a place that assures your safety – a place where you do not feel threatened in any way.

The ideal neighbourhood should most likely be the one where you do not have to look back when getting home late at night, where you are not afraid to leave your doors open, where you are not scared of being hit by a stray bullet or bombed because of constant brawls. It should be a place that guarantees your safety.

While some places would assure you the aforementioned qualities and more, others would have you constantly looking over your shoulder. Such neighbourhoods have a higher rate of violence and people who live there have their safety hanging by a thread with the preponderance of illicit behaviour and criminal activities.

Nipsey Hussle’s death is a recent example of violence committed in a neighbourhood that’ supposed to be safe for inhabitants. The rapper was shot multiple times in front of his Marathon clothing store in the Hyde Park neighbourhood of South LA. He died of a gunshot wound to the head and torso. The Slauson rapper was tipped to have a stellar 2019 after being independent and underground for too long but he could not even complete the quarter of this year. South LA houses some of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the US. Compton is perhaps the most popular example of such places.

Similar occurrences are rampant in a number of neighbourhoods in the US. In February 2018, a teen couple was shot on the street in Birmingham, Alabama. The teens, who were later identified as Pepper and Price were gunned down while they were standing on the Northwest corner of 12th street Avenue North in Fountain Heights.

Like every other country, the US has very safe neighbourhoods where residents feel protected and secure. However, there are other places that do not offer such protection given the odds of becoming victims of any violent breakout. Violent crimes are widespread in these neighbourhoods and you need to be guarded if you find yourself in any of these place.

Here is a list of 10 most dangerous neighbourhoods in the U.S. where you need to stay guarded.

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