5 black male role models worthy of celebrating on Fathers’ Day

There is no denying the fact that fathers play an important role in the lives of their sons. A research conducted in 2009 which examined the behaviors of African-American male adolescents, resulting from father absence concluded that fathers are needed.

The paper goes on to say, intact family units are needed to ensure the success of African-American boys in school and society. Fathers are needed to ensure emotional and mental health in boys. While it is not impossible for mothers to raise productive, healthy young men who contribute to society, this task is made increasingly more difficult with the lack of strong parental influence.

In the contemporary world, there are dynamics in what constitutes a family. Also, the problem of absentee fathers is gradually being addressed in black communities.

An important issue worthy of mention in the deciphering of the phenomenon absentee fathers is that there is a difference between fathers who live separate from their children and those who are not involved in the lives of their children. There are also several other programs that have been designed to encourage black men to aspire to do better and serve as better role models to black boys and younger black men.

While the issue of the father within the family circle is being addressed, it is important to highlight the fact that some black men have excelled and continue to excel in the world and these men instill in all of black community a ray of hope, courage and inspiration. They present to the black young man father-figures worthy of emulating.

Father-figure role models are not enough. So, are real fathers too. This is why we must take what we have at any given time. If a black man has a father and is still looking for positive role models, there is a great pool to choose from. Otherwise, if there is no father, the following black men would still give some inspiration to do something good with your life.

Role models are not perfect. Therefore, the following listicle is not a collection of perfect black men. You may disagree with me on why one or more people do not deserve to be on the list. That’s fine because I do not intend to give you a list of Marty Stus.  It is believed that imperfect role models are a more realistic approach to learning how to deal with real life. This list shows men who prove to us that we can achieve whatever we want; that we can achieve great heights through perseverance, determination and courage.

For all the young men out there, who are looking for role models in black men, below are the ones you can count on for courage, inspiration and determination.

Last Edited by:Sandra Appiah Updated: June 15, 2019


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