5 super ‘entertaining’ things Africans do at funerals to see off the dead in style

Etsey Atisu July 21, 2019
Photo: lesechoes-congobrazza

At least, for most parts of Africa, funerals are really big deals. In some cases, the big events or ceremonies that accompany them make living seem not so fun. Today, the narratives seem to imply that funerals are no longer about the dead per se – they have to do more with the living.

A funeral, more than a wedding or any other ceremony, should be grand and successful and while in other places, funerals are held on pretty much any day of the week; in Ghana, funerals mostly only happen during the weekends. It is no wonder death and money have become inseparably interwoven. Every death triggers a flow of money and the funeral business flourishes.

Traditions surrounding burials and funerals in various cultures differ but there appear to be some similarities in a few of the places too.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: July 21, 2019


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