6 sacred spirits most revered by Haitian and African Voodoo believers

Farida Dawkins September 19, 2018
Haitian Vodou altar created during a festival for the Guede spirits, Boston, MA. Top right area is offerings to Rada spirits; top left to Petwo spirits; bottom to Gede...Calvin Hennick, for WBUR Boston

The notion of organized religion introduced to Africa is a hot debate. Before the introduction of Islam via traders along the African coast and Christianity through missionaries, Africans practised traditional religions. Some continue to practice indigenous religions in conjunction with Christianity and Islam.

One of the most popular religions still practised even today is voodoo. Countries like Benin, Togo, Ghana and Nigeria and the African diaspora including Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brazil and America consider voodoo as part of their spiritual existence.

In Haitian and Creole voodoo specifically, there is a unique set of practices and spirits that are followed in the religion.

The Loa or lwa are the spirits served in this religion.  They are also referred to as “mystères” or “the invisibles” and they act as intercessors between Bondye – the supreme creator and humanity.

The Loa which translates into les lois or laws are worshipped and served via food, advice and gifts.

Scroll through to learn more about 6 of the most revered spirits that are sacred to Haitian and African voodoo:

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