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Afrishionista Summer Edition: Mademoiselle Trendy — Oumou Sanogo

Chioma Iwuagwu July 23, 2011 at 12:00 am

July 23, 2011 at 12:00 am | Lifestyle

July's Afrishionista is chic fashion blogger, Oumou Sanogo. Oumou embodies the very essence of an Afrishionista, as an individual who represents hip, creative and unique fashion in her everyday style.

F2FA chats with the Malian, beauty who is now based in Montreal about her personal style and her fashion musings. Her year-old blog, Mademoiselle Trendy, chronicles her everyday style, which she mixes up with her sharp eye for style and goodies discovered from her favorite retail stores, Zara, H&M and Aldo.

Oumou is currently an executive assistant for a ceramic tiles company in Montreal, Canada.

F2FA: What's your style mantra?
Oumou Sanogo:
I really don't have a style mantra per say. When dressing up I usually look for elegance, comfort (when possible) but most of all, pieces that reflect my mood on that particular day.

F2FA: How did you develop your love for fashion?
Oumou Sanogo:
It goes back to my childhood. My mother influenced me a great deal when growing up, she would always insist that I should look my best, and I guess that philosophy just stuck with me. She is a very stylish, strong African woman and her sense of style definitely inspired me to develop my own.  With the years, leaving my family behind and having to leave on my own made me more confident in trying new things and also helped a great deal in developing that love for fashion.

F2FA: What's your favorite style pieces?
Oumou Sanogo
: Blazers & leather jackets, even though I can't really wear them during the summer, but yes, I'm addicted to beautiful, bold blazers, jackets and coats!

F2FA: Are you a trendsetter or do you mix in current trends with your look?
Oumou Sanogo:
I would not call myself a trendsetter; I definitely play with current trends in my looks just because some are too hard to resist! But I definitely don't think you should base your style solely on trends, you should always bring your personality to the mix, you have to keep in mind that trendy stuff are not always the best looking ones. To me, clothes have to reflect your personality first and foremost, your inner self before anything else, don't try to conform to trends just because you want to look cool, it would show.

F2FA: What inspires your style?
Oumou Sanogo:
My mood, mainly, but also magazines, fashion shows, interesting stuff I see and read on the blogosphere — just visual stimulation.

F2FA: Who are your style icons?
Oumou Sanogo:
My mother, fellow bloggers, and not to go too far and bring out the whole fashion encyclopedia, I would say, Rihanna. Just because she's so edgy and fierce! I admire that in people… 

F2FA: African fashion industry has exploded F2FA supports the industry. What's your favorite African fashion designer, and which designer’s piece do you see yourself wearing?
Oumou Sanogo:
Yes, I am so thrilled to see African prints popping up everywhere these days! It's just amazing and I hope the industry grows even more in the coming years! I love Titi Ademola's work from Ghana (Kiki Clothing). Generally, I love the feminine dresses, skirts, shorts and accessories made out of African inspired fabrics!

F2FA: Designer or thrift? DIY or off the rack?
Oumou Sanogo:
Designer. Off the rack…I'm too lazy LOL

F2FA: What's your advice to fellow Afrishionistas?
Oumou Sanogo:
Be confident, know your body, dare to take risks when dressing up, and try new things; You never know, you might surprise yourself one day!

So there you have it F2FA fashion readers! Oumou is our fourth Afrishionista. Read her blog: and Support her Facebook page:


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