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An African Election: Coming to Public TV’s World channel in October

Acclaimed Documentary to Premiere Nationally on October 1

“What is finally most compelling about this film is the sense it gives of how passionately the citizens of Ghana believe in democracy, how much it means to them.”
                                                                                 —Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“As we join throngs of excited citizens at a public vote-counting, their uninhibited zeal for the process only highlights the jaded cynicism that threatens to overwhelm our own.”
                                                                              —Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

NEW YORK (August 13, 2012)—Shining a light on stories from diverse corners of the African Diaspora, the series AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange brings you an election season special, An African Election, on Monday, October 1 at 6:30pm ET on the 24/7 public television channel WORLD. The show repeats at 8:30pm ET and midnight ET (9:00pm PT). The 6:30pm and midnight broadcasts will be followed by a half-hour companion show connected to WORLD’s “Your Vote 2012” initiative, a program that is co-produced with Black Public Media.

The general release of An African Election to all public television stations nationwide follows on Wednesday, October 3 (check local listings).

An African Election, a film by Jarreth Merz, captures the 2008 presidential elections in Ghana. Offering a behind-the-scenes look at the complex, political machinery of a third world democracy struggling to legitimize itself to its first world peers, the film reveals that the process of democracy in other countries is no less tumultuous than that of the United States. Merz follows the key players for almost three months to provide an unprecedented insider’s view of the political, economic and social forces at work in Ghana. The filmmaker builds suspense by taking the viewer down the back roads of the nation, capturing each unexpected twist and turn in a contest that is always exciting and never predictable. Throughout the film, Merz depicts the pride and humanity of the larger-than-life politicians, party operatives and citizens who battle for the soul of their country.

AfroPoP is produced by Black Public Media and co-presented by American Public Television (APT).

In advance of the broadcast, Black Public Media encourages viewers to visit for a robust online dialogue about democracy in action throughout the African Diaspora. Visitors may listen to podcasts, participate in livestream roundtable discussions, share content, read blogs, and engage with others interested in the process of democracy.

For more information, visit, the official website of NBPC.

To find local airings, visit the AfroPoP page on

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