[Answers] You think you know Africa? Test your general knowledge on these questions

Francis Akhalbey January 24, 2018
Francis Akhalbey January 24, 2018

1. It doesn’t snow in one of these African countries? Eritrea

2. Which city has the largest population in Africa? Lagos

3. I am a very popular and most talked about river in Africa. I happen to be the longest river by length on the continent. Who am I? River Nile

4. Which volcano in Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa? Mount Kilimanjaro 

5.  On the border of these two countries is the Victoria Falls? Zambia and Zimbabwe 

6. All these countries are located in the Horn of Africa except? Kenya

7. Afrikaans is a variety of which European language? Dutch

8. This currency is shared by Algeria and Tunisia? Dinar

9. Which of these cities is known as “The city of roses”? Bloemfontein

10. The youngest county in Africa is? South Sudan 


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