Antoine Grant, from working at Wayfair to acquiring a $30 million furniture company in under a year

Abu Mubarik October 24, 2023
Antoine Grant. Photo: Linkedin/Antoine Grant

Antoine Grant is an entrepreneur who recently became CEO of Homethreads, a home interior company that has curated a portfolio of interior-design quality home furnishings at the fairest prices possible.

Prior to purchasing and becoming CEO of the company in May, Grant was working in corporate America and even explored other ventures before finding success with Homethreads. He was with Bain and Company and later worked in real estate, education, publishing, and most recently, as a director at Wayfair, where he led the plumbing and hardware division to double-digit growth at the height of the pandemic.

“Homethreads is a total home decorating solution,” he told about what sets his business apart from the rest. “We’re a retailer of home decorating products, home improvement products, and home decor, but we’re built on top of our own proprietary technology.”

According to him, “Unlike most retailers, who use Shopify, we have our own platform, which gives us a lot of freedom and flexibility to leverage data and do some interesting things for the user experience.”

The unique business nature of Homethreads does not only show in the usage of data to meet consumer needs but it also shows in the company’s revenue. Grant told the Gravy podcast that the business has brought in $30 million in revenue.

In the interview, he also reflected on his skill set, which he said has been due to years of dedication and hard work. A Los Angeles native, Grant said his entrepreneurial path was shaped at an early age.

“It took years for me to get to that realization of looking into the mirror and saying, ‘Okay this is what you’re actually good at,” Grant said during the interview. “This is what you’ve been prepared to do. Go and take advantage of this opportunity, which matches your skill set and relationships.’”

Despite his success in acquiring a company in less than a year after leaving corporate America, Grant said he is not slowing down. According to him, he wants to hit the billion-dollar mark.

“This particular platform that we have, I honestly think it’s a multibillion-dollar platform,” he said. “The market is massive. I think that there’s an ability to create these billion-dollar institutions between the toes of these giants.”

He continued, “All the dynamics are there…We’re well positioned given our five years of history, the revenue that’s currently being generated, which is substantial, and the new profitability of the company to grow this substantially over the next couple of years.”

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