Before building the grand Khufu edifice, here are the pyramids ancient Egyptians experimented with

Michael Eli Dokosi November 08, 2019
American Air Transport Command plane flies over the pyramids of Egypt via Shutterstock

It took some time to refine and perfect, but when they eventually did, the ancient Egyptians of Africa were an unstoppable force in the world.

Those who built the ancient Egyptian pyramids were amazing professional builders due to the architectural excellence, given they were built at a time in history when manual labour was the only option available.

Little wonder then that Pharaoh Khufu’s pyramid also called the Great Pyramid and the Pyramid of Giza made its way into the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World list.

While for some time, there was the view that the ancient Egyptians used slaves to build the pyramids, it’s emerged dedicated workmen constructed the various pyramids under the instruction of the chief architect or builder who erected the building for his pharaoh which was to become his final resting place.

For our purposes today, Face2Face Africa looks at five of the notable ancient Egyptian pyramids.

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