BY Ama Nunoo, 10:00am March 10, 2020,

Black sitcoms that ruled the screens and challenged status quo in the 90s

Photo: Seventeen Magazine

It was in the 90s that Black sitcoms exploded unto mainstream television catapulting the stars to become household names till date.

However, The Good Times, Sanford and Sons and The Jeffersons were Black sitcoms that graced our screens in the 70s and set the ball rolling for the 90s sitcom explosion.

The Black sitcoms of the 90s brought comedy to the screens and gave the world an insight into black lives smashing all stereotypes about black people.

These 90s shows are the backdrop to many Black sitcoms airing today. They touched on stories about black families in predominantly white neighborhoods and teenagers struggling to fit into school.

Or working class couples raising their kids to Black professionals, then to social issues and generally Blacks trying to navigate life as it comes. Here are some of the 90s sitcoms that rule the screens.

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