Celebrating Nipsey Hussle’s legacy with 10 of his most thought-provoking quotes

Francis Akhalbey March 31, 2021
Nipsey Hussle and his family with Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki

“There’s me before I went and there’s me after I came back. And I came back, I was 19 when I came back, so I was still knee-deep in what was going on in L.A. when I came back. But, I had a different…You know you got those two voices? Well, this one became a lot louder. Because I couldn’t fake like I wasn’t exposed to the way things could be, you know what I’m saying? I think it led to me making decisions that brought me into music. I couldn’t just embrace the narrative of, you know, ‘This how this sh*t go and this what it is.’ That wasn’t reality to me no more.” – Nipsey Hussle on how his trip to his father’s native Eritrea influenced him


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