Days after being acquitted of bank robbery, man walks into another bank and robs it with a note, officials say

Stephen Nartey January 26, 2024
Robbery note/Photo credit: TV Noviny

A remarkably polite man brazenly robbed a Chicago bank on Monday, armed only with a note promising to “pay it back soon”, officials said. Mohamed Worku had just been acquitted of a similar bank robbery less than 72 hours prior. The courteous thief had previously walked into a local bank two years ago and pressed a note against a glass that read “Give me the money please, thank you.”

He made off with approximately $595, only to be apprehended half an hour later with $100 less and the incriminating note still in his possession, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

During court proceedings, Worku’s attorney contended that his actions, although criminal, did not constitute robbery, as it typically involves stealing through force or intimidation, as reported by the New York Post.

Worku’s lawyer, Mary Judge, argued that there were no implicit or explicit threats in his demand for money. A jury concurred with this perspective, leading to the release of the 31-year-old Worku from custody on Friday.

On Monday afternoon, Worku reportedly entered a bank in Lincoln Park, presenting a note to an employee that read, “Please give me the money. I’ll pay it back soon. Bankers Gife (sic) to me in advance.”

According to a new criminal complaint, the bank teller handed over more than $2,000 to Worku, who then left the premises before the police were notified. The suspect was described by the teller as wearing a surgical mask, neon green gloves, and a neon green winter cap, as reported by CWB Chicago.

Following the bank robbery, investigators discovered surveillance footage of a man resembling the suspect purchasing clothing and a backpack at a nearby Target store while still donning the distinctive green hat and gloves.

After the purchase, he reportedly changed into new clothes, and discarded some of his old attire, but retained the neon hat and gloves. Approximately half an hour after the alleged robbery, Worku was arrested, carrying about $200 less than the amount he received from the bank.

Worku is now slated to face charges of both bank robbery and bank theft, offenses that do not necessitate force or intimidation. While not representing Worku in this new case, Judge expressed her belief to the Tribune that these charges are a more fitting legal decision.

“Thank you to the jurors in our case for reaching the right conclusion,” she said.

“Because of their not-guilty verdict, I believe the government is now charging both bank robbery and bank theft in a case where there is no evidence of force or threat of force — as it should be done.”

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