Dear Meghan Markle Sparkle, commit not suicide because of being reminded that you have Negro blood running in your veins

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Image: PA

Meghan, a woman like you with an American upbringing, an illustrious background in theatre and achievement in a good level of American education should not be thinking about suicide when you are only reminded that you are having some Negro blood flowing in your veins.

Meghan, there is nothing sub-human in being a Black woman or a Black man, being Gay or Lesbian, being disabled or physically whole. All these come from the indestructible power of nature to generate diversity. To have Black skin is a gift of nature, just as to have blue eyes is similarly a gift of nature.

So far, no man or woman in the world is struggling with the suicidal idea of having blue eyes. Thus, being insulted for the presence of melanin should not bother you, the only problem is that you are not accepting yourself. Please turn around and accept your ancestry, no one else can accept you unless you do it yourself. 

Thus, you should not fear giving birth to a dark-skinned child. Doing this would be a very serious experience of irrational fear. This is so given that darkness of the skin does not affect humanity, just the same way as an out-dated culture of English royalty should not affect any human comfort or dignity in the current world. And if anything, science has never established anything like royal skin or royal blood. Science argues that all blood have a fair chance to achieve greatness as long as there is good governance giving equal opportunity to each and all. It is only an out-dated tradition at Buckingham Palace which still holds to the idea of royal blood and non-royal blood. 

In fact, you are very relevant and timely to the British politics in this trial-some times of Brexit under the threat of China’s economic aggressiveness. You are a test on how British politics will relate with African and Caribbean Commonwealth countries after the Brexit. This is logical in the sense that Britain must also be reminded that it is not quitting the European Economic Union to go back to unfettered exploitation of its colonies and communities of enslaved savages; it is coming out to meet ex-Marxist, ex-colonized as well as Islamic states on an equal footing of sovereignty and multilateral economic diplomacy.

This is why you and your son Archie and any other child you will have with Harry must have all rights of access to all the British institutions including becoming the heads of the English Monarchy. Inclusive political culture and freedom to British citizens will be the reason for the restoration and revitalization of the English speaking commonwealth. But, those looking at the darkness of the skin of your children as a basis of the royalty of your children are only tethered to sham thinking overtaken by Brexit realities. And also, I want you to ask them this question- is the Monarch of England more valuable to the world than the President of the United States of America? The answer is no, the Potus is more important to the world than the English Monarchy and yet people with Black skins like Kamala Harris are the ones forming the American Presidency. So, the occupants of Buckingham Palace must come out of the bilge of their racial cocoon to accept humanity in its diversity.

Technically, it is not the royal English blood that makes the Monarchy survive. The economic survival of the English Monarchy is deeply embedded in the proceeds of slavery and colonialism. The minerals, wood and other resources as well as labor of the Black people looted from Africa during the centuries of colonialism are the historical and economic pillars that make economic survival of the English Monarchy, but not the color of the skin of the incumbent monarch. This does not mean that the English Monarchy is so important, in fact, British economics just as any other British Commonwealth economics do not benefit from the monarchy in any manner. The British blood with technical royalty is the one that has brought economic, military, technological and scientific benefits to the Commonwealth countries. Yes, that British blood with technical royalty in the likes of Steve Hawkings, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Adam Smith, Jonathan Swift, Clement Durell, Hebert Geroge Wells, William Harvey, Alexander Fleming, George Orwell, Ben Okri, and Evaresto Bernadino as well as many others is the one that deserves appreciation and recognition by the world, they are the heroes of British civilization.

Lastly, Meghan, I want to rationalize in your inner being that we don’t deal with un-working marriages or discomfiture in our marriages by committing suicide; instead, we are supposed to break that marriage and move on, if tolerance is not bearing any fruits. For a woman to move out of an oppressive marriage is a symbol of democracy, revolutionary consciousness, feminist dignity, basic bravura for freedom fighting, and illumination for necessary disruption of cultures that nourish domestic tyranny.

However, it is so unfortunate that most women are emotionally committed to their marriages when the study of domestic power dynamics reveals that the best way to relate in a marriage is to adopt a maximum rational approach. Contextual rationality in marriage life will always enable you to realize that it is not a guarantee that you will be a happy woman or man because of being married to a man or a woman from a certain royal family. Psychology of marriage reveals that any man that does not believe in inheriting from the bounty of the parents but is hard working, having the sense to save and invest for the sake of giving the best to his family can make a very good partner in marriage, not necessarily having royal ancestry. Hence, there is nothing strange in ending a marriage with a king or a queen. It is normal as long as you do it for the purpose of your happiness, mental health, security and multi-dimensional dignity in personal freedom.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: March 9, 2021


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