Ethiopia and Eritrea kiss and make up after 20-year enmity [Photos]

Francis Akhalbey July 09, 2018

The Horn of Africa nations of Ethiopia and Eritrea had been at loggerheads since 1998 when a border war at Badme broke out. It, however, appears they have buried the hatchet and smoked the peace pipe.

For the first time in almost two decades, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed paid a historic state visit to Eritrea on Sunday where he met President Isaias Afwerki.

The landmark visit saw both countries signing a joint declaration of peace and friendship.

Previously impossible, reports indicate that Eritreans and Ethiopians are now able to make direct phone calls to each country. Prime Minister Abiy also confirmed both countries will resume flights, open their seaports as well as re-open embassies in each other’s capital.

Enjoy some photos of the historic visit:

Photo via @HizbawiM on Twitter


Photo via @HizbawiM on Twitter


Photo via @HizbawiM on Twitter


Photo via @HizbawiM on Twitter



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