These flags in Africa are causing 21st century controversies

Mildred Europa Taylor March 03, 2018

Ambazonia flag — YouTube

Ambazonia flag

This is found in Cameroon and is owned by the English speaking people of Southern Cameroonians who are demanding an independent, sovereign nation they call Ambazonia. The current challenges in Cameroon date back to pre-independence when the country was formed by combining two territories that were colonized by the British with the bigger territory being colonized by the French. But ever since the two territories became one after independence in 1961, the English speaking people have been complaining that they are politically and economically disadvantaged. At the time, the English speaking region was then given two options by the UN; that is, either to join Nigeria or Cameroon as a federation. Many feel that the UN should have given the English speaking people the option of gaining independence and to stand on their own. That missing option has contributed to some of the disturbances being experienced in the country. The quest for independence for Southern Cameroons started in October 2016 when lawyers and teachers took to the streets to complain about economic injustice as well as discrimination. While partaking in these protests, the English speaking peoples wave the Ambazonia flag, which they describe as the flag of their independence movement. Ambazonia flag has 13 stars, with a pigeon which has a green olive branch in its mouth. The flag was designed by the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) and hoisted on December 30, 1999.


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