From school dropout to millionaire, this entrepreneur is providing solutions for credit problems

Abu Mubarik June 13, 2023
Christian launched 'The Ladder to Passive Income' to teach people how to get access to funding to start and grow their businesses. Photo credit: PR Newswire

Dana Christian worked at the post office for 25 years and was not able to save enough during her term. However, she did not turn to entrepreneurship until she sustained a life-threatening injury and went five months without pay.

This sad experience compelled her to think about alternative sources of income, study how to invest in real estate, and how to leverage credit to build wealth. Her hard work eventually paid off when she became a real estate investor and a millionaire.

From school dropout to teenage mom to real estate investor, Christian is taking the real estate sector by storm. After pushing her way through the sector to achieve millionaire status, she is now dedicated to helping others achieve financial freedom through her coaching and mentorship efforts.

She launched The Ladder to Passive Income to teach people how to get access to funding to start and grow their businesses. Christian is also teaching people how to leverage credit to create passive income, even with bad credit.

According to PR Newswire, “The Ladder to Passive Income is a comprehensive program that teaches people how to fix their credit and get access to funding to start a business. The program also covers topics such as real estate investing, creating passive income streams, and building a successful business.”

Additionally, the program focuses on leveraging credit; a very crucial topic in current times when more people struggle with bad credit and as such, experience difficulties to get funding for a business or investment. Under her firm, she teaches people how to use credit to their advantage and create extra streams of income.

PR Newswire notes that the program has since helped thousands of people to attain financial freedom. Not only that, Christian’s coaching and mentorship have assisted many people to fix their credit scores to get funds for their businesses.

Last Edited by:Annie-Flora Mills Updated: June 13, 2023


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