Have a sweet tooth? Try your hands on these 5 locally made African candies/ toffees

Francis Akhalbey September 14, 2018
Locally made African candies

The love for candies and toffees surely cuts across all ages. These irresistible and sometimes insatiable treats always send our taste buds into a crazy frenzy.

In as much as foreign candies/toffees are widely consumed across Africa, there are some age-old locally made ones though not as popular as they used to be that “deserve some accolades”. The mention of their names even creates nostalgic memories.

Since time immemorial, Africans have always been ingenious and creative with their culinary skills, and these locally made candies/toffees buttress that fact.

If you’re having a get-together or a party for kids anytime soon and you’re looking at adding sweet treats on the menu, don’t go through the hassle of going to town to buy foreign made ones.

Instead, try your hands on these affordable and very easy to prepare African candies/toffees and you surely won’t regret it! Remember to serve moderately though; as the saying goes, too much of everything is bad.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: September 14, 2018


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