How to tell if you are his only lover this Valentine’s Day

Mildred Europa Taylor February 12, 2018
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Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day nearly upon us. If you are one of the lucky ones who already have a Valentine, then good for you. However, for the unmarried ones, we tend to occasionally raise doubts about the security of the relationship.

Sometimes, being the only person in someone’s life is hard to tell, as so many people hide their objectives and pretend you are the only one. It’s the dream of everyone to have their partners to themselves without having to share them with anyone else.

As Valentine approaches, many of us have already begun wondering if we are the only one. So many relationship experts have often come out with tips for you to know if it’s just you. Some of them say you should check if: Your partner is completely honest with you; He or she is open; They invest their time in you; You become part and parcel of their life; They don’t hold back and make you feel secure, and ultimately; They make you feel safe.

But come on, many of our significant others are so used to these tricks. They may be doing them but you never can tell what else they are up to.

The fact is the rules of this game are so complicated that they keep on changing every day. So here is the simple rule to know if you are the only one: Put your partner’s picture up on social media this Valentine’s Day.

If you are on Facebook, use him or her as your profile pic. If on WhatsApp, let him be your display picture (DP) or status. Introduce him or her as your partner. Let the whole world know their status in your life. And with that, you should be able to tell if there are mutual boos or baes.

Yes! That’s just it. If you are not the only one in their lives, the other side partners would likely pop up and the truth would subsequently unfold.

Many say that when you put up a picture of your significant other as your Facebook photo, it is a sign that you are feeling insecure about your relationship.

A 2015 report titled ‘Can You Tell That I’m in a Relationship‘ by scientists from Canada and the US found that when people are worried about their partner’s affections, they tend to make the relationship more publicly visible.

But ignore all that. You are going to do this for only one day, just to be sure that your partner is completely yours. So would you do this? Leave a comment below.

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