‘It’s hard’ – Jam Master Jay’s daughter on how she makes 7 figures working a day job plus 5 side hustles

Abu Mubarik May 26, 2021
Tyra Myricks. Photo: Business Insider

Tyra Myricks is the daughter of hip hop legend Jam Master Jay. She makes seven figures from her main job and five side hustles. Myricks works for Drake’s OVO lifestyle brand as director of design, merchandising, and development, a coveted position for anyone in the entertainment industry.

Aside from her day job at OVO, Myricks in 2009 founded a fashion label, according to Business Insider. She launched the firm while in High School. When she got to college to study pre-med, she abandoned her course because she was earning double her tuition fee from her label.

“Fashion was never in the books, I actually went to college as a pre-med major,” she told Flaunt. “Right before I went to college, my mom made a statement after looking at my credit card bills like, ‘People will pay you to wear your name’. I said, ‘That’s unheard of’.”

“I started my fashion line when I was a senior in high school, and it picked up really quickly. I found a love and a passion for it. I said this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.”

In 2012, Myricks rebranded her fashion label. It is now known as Wealth, and it’s high fashion streetwear. This was after making a significant impact in the streetwear world by clinching celebrity partnerships and getting advertised on Instagram’s TMZ Shade room.

“Wealth had a more influential and substantial meaning than what we usually scratch at the surface. Wealth is not of monetary value, but of holding value, respect, and principles. When I launched the brand WEALTH, I had to pick a name that was ambiguous, but people could make their own context for it but could teach people at the same time about wealth,” she told Flaunt about the significance in the name.

Myricks is also the co-founder of the first Black-owned gym, The Method, which is located in Los Angeles. She is also the co-founder of a yet-to-be-launched pizza shop with T’yanna Wallace, daughter of rapper Biggie Smalls. What’s more, she is co-creating a platform to provide young entrepreneurs with resources to start their own businesses.

“It’s not an easy game,” the entrepreneur said, according to Business Insider. “Everybody on the internet shows the glorious side, but nobody shows the treacherous side where it’s hard to get up in the morning.”

Being the daughter of the legendary Jam Master Jay has not made Myricks rest on her laurels. She is making money for herself and creating job opportunities for others.

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