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Man confesses to murder after three years when “avenging spirits” appear in his dreams


A Zimbabwean man ridden with guilt turns himself in to the police claiming the “avenging spirit” of a man he murdered three years ago is tormenting him.

The machete-wielding killer confessed to the police, saying he hacked down a fellow gold miner three years ago at a Masvingo mine.

Prior to Golden Muziyoni, 28, turning himself to the police a week ago, he had been on the police wanted persons’ list for three years.

Muziyoni is the alleged killer of Elliot Kutsirayi. In his police report, Muziyoni said the rampant sleepless nights coupled with visions of the deceased in his dreams chasing him to return the gold he stole made him confess to the three-year-old unsolved murder.

Since then the accused has appeared before Masvingo magistrate Candice Kasere facing murder charges. He’s been remanded till 12 February but has been advised to apply for bail because he’s eligible for one at the High Court.

In court, Prosecutor Innocent Mbambo narrating the case said that on March 19, 2017 at Lennox Mine in Mashave, the accused and his accomplice, Pinana Manenji walked up to the deceased, Elliot Kutsirayi who was in the company of his friend, Carlton Zhou.

The pair were at the time mining for gold. The accused and his accomplice then demanded for the gold, gold ore and cash from the deceased and his associate.

According to New, the two miners then refused to succumb to Muziyoni’s demands and did not part with their possessions. Muziyoni and Zhou then launched the attack taking out their machetes from their waist and began assaulting the other pair.

Zhou manged to run away from his attackers although both men had sustained what seems to be severe injuries from the attack. It was at this point when Kutsirayi was left with the machete-wielding pair and maimed to near death.

The courts heard the deceased sustained grave wounds and cuts on his head and lost a lot of blood from the cuts until he lost consciousness.  

It was not until hours later the deceased was seen by Admire Mazamani who managed to move him to the police station where he was later transported to the Masvingo provincial hospital for medical attention.

The deceased, Elliot Kutsirayi, was in intensive care at the hospital for four days and was later discharged. He never fully recovered till he died on May 8, 2017.

An autopsy conducted disclosed that Kutsirayi died due to injuries he suffered from the attack.

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