Man who discovered holding lower lip over nose in third grade sets Guinness World Record

Stephen Nartey October 16, 2023
Jovante Carter/Photo credit: HolyGxd via Instagram

An internet sensation has set a new Guinness World Record by stretching and holding his lower lip over his nose for over sixty seconds, a practice known as “gurning.”

Jovante Carter, widely recognized as “HolyGxd” by his millions of online followers, clocked this remarkable Guinness World Record by maintaining his lower lip over his nostrils for an astounding 1 minute and 2 seconds in Milan, Italy, during the filming of “Lo Show dei Record,” Guinness made the announcement on Wednesday.

Carter broke an existing record of 53 seconds established by Shuquan Tang from China during the same television show in 2012 to clinch the new feat. After achieving the Guinness World Records certificate, Carter, in his parting words to the audience, humbly stated, “We turned up, we did our thing.” He proudly displays his certificate on his social media profiles, as reported by the New York Post.

The 22-year-old New Orleans has a staggering fan base of over 16.9 million on TikTok and an additional 1.5 million on Instagram, making the bizarre face.

According to Official Adjudicator Marco Frigatti, the lip-over-nostrils trick involves suspending one’s breath, as it prevents breathing during the stunt. He added that it also puts a significant strain on the involved muscles, causing them to fatigue.

For Carter, gurning comes naturally. He discovered this distinctive talent in the third grade. He said it all began during lunch when a classmate noticed his unusual facial movement while eating. Intrigued, the classmate asked him to demonstrate it without food, which resulted in Carter showcasing his unique skill. He explained that the reaction from his peers, marked by laughter, and his teacher’s astonishment, marked the beginning of his intriguing talent.

Despite amassing millions of online followers, Carter revealed that he faced bullying during his upbringing due to his unique talent and slender physique. However, he resolved to reclaim his individuality and spread positivity.

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