Melanated Intelligence: Has melanin afforded us more than skin complexion?

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Graham Hancock, a British writer and journalist, embarked on a search for lost civilizations and the secret knowledge that may have been buried with them.

His adventures ferried him to the ancient Egyptian Kingdom that boasted of intelligent architecture, sacred knowledge and mystical insight. Over there, he learnt and shared with the world the towering heights of a civilization whose success story was written by a cohort of men and women drenched in skin black as the night.

Of the numerous architectural monuments that proudly stood to attest to ancient Egypt’s great achievement, the Great Pyramids of Giza otherwise known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops; built roughly around 2560 BC towering to about 480 feet in height and retaining the pedigree of the ‘the tallest and monumental man-made structure’ for over 3000 years.

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Pyramids of Giza —

The wonder surrounding this turn of events is however not limited to its architectural feat. In his research given the Great Pyramid Complex at Giza, Graham Hancock uncovered an astonishing hidden truth underlying the construction of the Pyramids at Giza; a truth that will form one of the pivotal bases for the assertions and probable conclusions that will be submitted herein.

Graham Hancock uncovered that the Pyramid Complex at Giza was constructed in alignment with Orion’s Belt (the three bright stars that always appear in a nearly straight line at night), one of the best known asterisms in the night sky, and given the fact that the Pyramid Complex at Giza was erected around 2560 BC, it is interesting to further note that their astonishingly precise alignment with Orion’s Belt couldn’t have been achieved in the year 2560 BC, because in the said year, the architects and engineers who realized the Pyramids would not have achieved the precision with which they now stand proudly aligned.

Graham further probed and finally discovered that; the precise alignment of the Pyramid Complex at Giza on the grounds where they stand with the triad stars constituting Orion’s Belt in the sky could have only been achieved in the year 10,500 BC. So, the question arises as to whether the melanated architects and engineers whose ingenuity materialized these architectural and cosmic wonders were time travellers or as to whether they were privy to some occult science that heightened their intelligence levels and thus were capable of feats that we of the present descent are baffled by.

It is noteworthy to add that the Sphinx (a monumental stone structure resembling a resting lion) was also discovered by Graham Hancock to be aligned in precision with the Constellation of Leo (one of the oldest star constellation in the sky).

Moving away from the fruitful labours of Graham’s adventures, let’s take a trip to Benin City; the capital of a pre-colonial African empire located in present-day Southern Nigeria. Historical records have it that the walls that guarded this city were four times longer than the Great Wall of China, and the homes, edifices and courts within the city were constructed using precise mathematical calculations, symmetry, proportions and architectural balance that amazed European visitors.

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Depiction of the Benin City walls

The culture within Benin City was an impeccable one; homes had no gates, doors or locks, neighbors were at liberty to reach into the homes of their fellow neighbors for food and other items of need in their absence, for the one who took from his neighbor always replaced that which was taken, sometimes in greater measures. Benin City was a community devoid of thievery, filth, prostitution and all other social ills that were afflicting their European counterparts where they resided. Benin City, flourishing between the 13th and 19th century was an enlightened, intelligent and evolved hub.

Inching away from Benin City, we encounter the Bantu-Kongo community and their Democratic Art of Governance named; Mbongi. It is also noteworthy to mention their therapeutic philosophy named; Kinenga Kiazingila. The former aided in the serene organization of their instruments of governance as well as institutions in the orderly structuring of their society and the members therein, whilst the latter whose connotative meaning translates into ‘Balance of Life’ was employed in the service of providing a relief and respite to members of the community who may be entangled emotionally, and whose self-healing power may be suffering considerable loss.

The aforecited societies were predominantly Black cultures, whose monumental achievements as equally cited were attained in the absence of Western contact whatsoever. These cultures however begun on the path of degeneration after the intrusion of foreign missionaries and adventurers.

There is a miracle within the Black folk that has aided in his orderly presentation of himself to nature and his society to himself and it stands to reason that the essence of his Blackness may be that miracle. Melanin is what the thinking minds have named it, but to the Black folk, this essence is that of an organic energy intelligence whose visual representation wields the singular ability to absorb and synthesize light from the Sun into another useful organic compound useful for bodily health.

This melanin; the essence of the Black person’s blackness, whilst harvesting energy from the sun simultaneously configures its molecular algorithm to block the absorption of the more detrimental ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is this singular act of simultaneous selective assimilation that makes Black intelligent. This intelligence is not one afforded by the rationalizing tendencies of the brain, it is by itself its own rationalising tendency; its own master and its own brain.

The melanin that accords the black pigmentation of the Black person’s skin has been discovered by brain scientists to also have a resting place deep in the brain, the pioneers of this discovery have captioned the melanin located in the brain; Neuromelanin.

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Researchers and Neuroscientists have postulated that the ‘Substantia Nigra’ which qualifies as the technical name for Neuromelanin is associated with other subcortical brain structures in an interaction that fosters; procedural learning, cognition, memory and overall optimal brain function.

In the final analysis, given the organically pigmented self-animated quality of melanin, it stands to reason that it affords us more than the complexion our skin tone is drenched in as melanated persons, it can be that extra helping hand that aided our ancestors in laying the foundations and scaling the heights of civilisation, as well as in the attainment of heightened levels of knowing by which they crafted those spiritual tools with which they employed in identifying with their Self, and with which the present generation can be beneficiaries if we would but stay true to our roots.

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