Mom gets pregnant twice in one week and delivers triplets, she explains what exactly happened

Stephen Nartey October 06, 2023
Dee and fiancé Antonio Livingston/Photo credit: New York Post/Antonio Livingston

It may sound bizarre, but, it’s true. Dee Michelle who was expecting a baby became pregnant with two more fetuses at the same time. Michelle and fiancé Antonio Livingston were shocked to learn that they would have triplets after a spontaneous night in July 2020.

The 26-year-old hair care specialist from Pittsburg, Penn., was experiencing superfetation pregnancy. It is a condition where one becomes pregnant while already carrying a child.

Her story attracted massive attention on TikTok with over 1.7 million viewers. Despite her composed storytelling, Michelle admitted she was deeply emotional and cried when she discovered she had unintentionally conceived three children, according to the New York Post.

She indicated that she was in a state of denial when she learned of her situation. She only believed after seeing three babies on the ultrasound adding that, they were both overwhelmed by the revelation. Michelle and her partner Antonio Livingston, a professional photographer, were unaware that a woman could become pregnant with multiple pregnancies simultaneously.

Michelle admitted that she initially believed she couldn’t get pregnant again after her first pregnancy. She did not take any precautions to avoid it, stating, “It’s fine if we continue to be careless.”

“A week later I went to the [emergency room] because I was in so much pain,” said Michelle. “I thought I was having a miscarriage.”

“But come to find out, my uterus was growing so fast because there were two more babies.”

Superfetation is a rare occurrence in humans with only 10 confirmed cases as of a 2023 report by the Cleveland Clinic. In August 2020, millennial mom Sophia Small gave birth to two daughters conceived 28 days apart, thanks to a medical miracle. In December 2020, a mother of three named Charlotte gained over 5.2 million views on a TikTok post where she shared her experience of having a superfetation trio.

Michelle, who gave birth to daughters Amber, Dream, and Amani via C-section in January 2021, expressed the wish that her story serves as a cautionary tale for others, urging them to be aware of the less common aspects of pregnancy.

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