Mom of 4 who earned $1M as sugar baby turns her expertise into business backed by associate degree

Stephen Nartey January 22, 2024
Image: Instagram/busty_barbie

Nina Peterson, a Florida mom-of-four who earned over $1 million as a sugar baby after losing her husband, has transitioned from dating wealthy older men to becoming a professional matchmaker.

Once dubbed “the world’s most famous sugar baby,” the 44-year-old author and 6ft-tall entrepreneur is now using her experiences to assist other women in connecting with affluent individuals through her matchmaking services.

Peterson, who faced self-esteem challenges growing up and considered herself a “dork,” aspired to transform into her idol, Jessica Rabbit, through extreme plastic surgery.

However, financial constraints led her to explore the option of becoming a sugar baby to fund her desire for breast augmentation. A friend’s suggestion ultimately led her down the path of engaging with sugar daddies to achieve her cosmetic goals, according to Daily Mail.

Peterson joined the dating site Seeking Arrangement and established a long-term connection with her first sugar daddy from England, leading to a long-distance relationship. Her benefactor financed her breast augmentation and supported her extravagant lifestyle, covering daily expenses and providing a monthly stipend that increased to $3,500 after six months.

She credits the transformation in her life to the experience of being a sugar baby.

“Before stepping into the sugar baby lifestyle, I juggled multiple jobs. Every day left me drained, and my bank account was hardly thriving,” Peterson explained.

After recognizing the financial benefits and the increased personal time being a sugar baby provided, she embraced the lifestyle. She noted that being a sugar baby allowed her to spend more time with her children, spoil them, and enhance her family’s quality of life.

Peterson has received lavish gifts, including a $40,000 Mercedes Benz, a Porsche Boxster, and a $200,000 Maserati Quattro, as part of her extravagant experiences in the sugar baby world.

Her sugar daddies have not only provided financial support for her education, covering a $4,000 tuition for her first year in criminal justice studies but have also contributed to her child’s horse and riding lessons. Additionally, one sugar daddy covered the expenses for the house she lives in.

Peterson noted that with the advent of online apps, people are sometimes overwhelmed with choices when it comes to dating. She added that though online profiles may appear perfect, the reality often differs during face-to-face meetings, making first dates and finding genuine partners challenging.

But, for her, she has dated only one sugar daddy at a time though she can’t place a figure to the number she has gone out with.

“Trust and loyalty are important to me,” she stressed.

“I mainly had relationships with international businessmen.

“I’ve traveled around the world, been gifted everything from fancy dinners and clothes to cars to houses.”

Peterson attributed her success to comprehending the desires of affluent older men, leading her to become a professional matchmaker with a business associate degree. Now committed to coaching other women on becoming ideal sugar babies, she explained that it is important for those seeking to be sugar babies to understand the dynamics that successful men seek in their partners.

“I guide newer sugar babies on elevating their game.

“Recognizing that this lifestyle has an expiration date, I’ve made provisions for a future source of income.”

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