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Need help bringing out your #BlackGirlMagic? These tips from Miss Universe should help

Photo via @zozitunzi on Instagram

Zozibini Tunzi has done absolutely amazing as Miss Universe 2019. A remarkable role model for young ladies, the natural-haired South African beauty gushes confidence all over, constantly reminding us why she truly deserves the crown.

Wondering how she has been able to do that?

In a snippet of a yet-to-be-televised interview on CNN’s African Voices program, the beauty queen shared her top five tips on how to channel your inner beauty queen, saying she does it with self-affirmations every day. So if you’re looking for some much-needed inspiration and help in bringing out your #BlackGirlMagic, these may come in useful:

Photo via @zozitunzi on Instagram

Step One: Believe in yourself

“I keep reminding myself that I’m here for a reason, that I’m enough, that I’m important. Everybody has a different purpose in life. Some people are very lucky to have already found it. Some people are still on their journey of finding exactly why it is that they’re here. So that’s the first step you do. You show up for yourself and you self-affirm, believe in yourself before anyone else does, and then you can take it from there.”

Photo via @zozitunzi on Instagram

Step Two: With makeup, less is more

“You don’t really need the lashes anymore that much. You don’t need like a whole lot, you can just minimize it. It’s OK now, so that’s how I usually do it.”

Photo via @zozitunzi on Instagram

Step Three: Power pose

“I’ve come to learn of something called the ‘Power Pose.’ You know, just like Superman would do, literally just have both your hands on your hips and stand there for a few seconds with your head up, don’t slouch. Before you enter into [a] meeting, like just stand there for a few seconds, take in the power pose and it will give you, you know, that confidence you need.”

Photo via @zozitunzi on Instagram

Step Four: Wear the heels

“I know a lot of people don’t like high heels, but sometimes when I put on high heels, it gives me like literally that extra bounce, because it makes me taller. I feel taller and I’m just like super present. So sometimes if you’re feeling down, even in your home, just like right now, put on your heels and walk to the living room or just walk around your room in your heels and just stand taller.”

Photo via @zozitunzi on Instagram

Step Five: Talk to yourself

“I wasn’t born confident at all. There are sometimes moments, even now when I’m not very confident in myself and it takes daily practice. It takes convincing of yourself. You work on it everyday. You talk yourself into it, you give yourself these pep talks in front of the mirror until you get it. So it’s something that we have to work on everyday.”


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