Nigerian Professer Says He Has Solved Riemann Hypothesis

F2FA November 19, 2015

Opeyemi Enoch

After 156 years, the Riemann Hypothesis may have been finally solved by Nigerian professor Opeyemi Enoch (pictured), according to CNN.

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The Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) will award $1 million to anyone who can solve the Riemann Hypothesis, a math puzzle, along with six other Millennium Problems that are yet to be solved.

So far, Grigory Perelman holds the distinction as the only one to officially solve math problem Poincare Conjecture in 2000.

In order for a Millennium Problem to be officially solved, the solution has to be published in a reputable mathematics journal of “worldwide repute” for two years before CMI will accept that the math problem has been solved.

Enoch, a senior lecturer at Federal University in Oye Ekiti, Nigeria, presented his findings, entitled “A Matrix That Generates the Point Spectral of the Riemann Zeta Function,” at the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science in Vienna Nov. 11.

A conference committee member, Nina Ringo, who was present at the presentation said of Enoch’s solution, “I consider his results to be very important and confirm his discovery.”

Enoch maintains that it took him “seven good years” to solve the math problem and adds that his findings will be published in a journal come Dec. 1.

Afterward, he will send his published work to CMI for verification.

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