Romeo Miller sets his sights on a greener future in new partnership with former Tesla engineer

Dollita Okine July 27, 2023
The duo is demonstrating how corporations should emphasize environmental responsibility and promote change for the benefit of present and future generations. Photo Credit: Romeo Miller via Instagram

With his new digital company, rapper and actor, Romeo Miller, is building a remarkable reputation for himself in the business world. Collaborating with former Tesla engineer, Richard Patterson – who worked on the company’s renowned Model S vehicle, Miller is set to show his innovative skills through the duo’s new business venture, Trion and Shango.

The company is an “automotive and tech powerhouse that is committed to a green future,” according to Afrotech, and its reach goes beyond the auto sector.

Electric homes will also be a highlight of its emphasis on technological innovation and environmental sustainability, making every aspect of living more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Richard Patterson’s revolutionary work as an automobile engineer was praised by Miller in an Instagram post, which referred to him as “Black history.” With Patterson’s ground-breaking technologies and the actor’s significant connections, the duo is well-positioned to realize Miller’s vision of a world powered entirely by green energy. The rapper is now embracing his new position as a digital entrepreneur; jokingly referring to himself as “Tech Bae.”

The company’s dedication to a greener world has attracted the attention of many investors, leading to an unprecedented $10 billion in funding for operations and research. The executive team is led by Miller, and Patterson is creating history as the first Black owner of a firm that manufactures exotic cars in the United States.

Together, the partners are leading the way in the IT industry with a company that strives to improve society and the environment, according to Landon Buford.

By implementing a variety of sustainable activities, Trion & Shango is paving the way for a more just and ecologically conscious world. The company’s goal to fuse cutting-edge developments with environmental awareness, has the potential to have a dramatic and long-lasting influence, completely altering the tech and automobile landscapes.

Miller’s involvement in this project, Patterson said, “underscores our shared values and determination to effect real change in the tech and automotive landscape. With our combined efforts, we are confident in our ability to push boundaries, shape the future, and lead the way towards a greener and more sustainable world,” Essence noted.

Miller’s transition from a popular rapper and performer to a revolutionary tech entrepreneur is evidence of the strength of vision, tenacity, and teamwork. Trion & Shango is well-positioned to pioneer sustainable technologies and make a major contribution to a greener future because of Richard Patterson’s technical prowess and Miller’s powerful connections.

The duo is demonstrating how corporations should emphasize environmental responsibility and promote change for the benefit of present and future generations.

Last Edited by:Annie-Flora Mills Updated: July 27, 2023


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