This entrepreneur invested $700 to make T-shirts to promote Obama’s campaign and raked in $500k returns

Stephen Nartey May 29, 2023
Lorielle partnered with her brother to create YOTOWN, a non-political clothing line that is focused on creating unique clothing pieces featuring maps of different states. Photo credit: LinkedIn

Lorielle Broussard is a creative entrepreneur who made a significant impact during the 2008 US presidential election with her innovative idea to rally support for Barack Obama. Inspired by the inscription her brother saw on a placard that read, “Barack the Vote,” she quickly ventured into designing T-shirts to promote the campaign.

She and her brother invested $700 to print the first 100 shirts, which were sold to friends and family. However, one of the shirts she designed was seen by New York Star, Hill Harper, who co-hosted Oprah’s fundraiser for Obama in Montecito, California. Harper later made a request for 250 “Barack-the-Vote” T-shirts, which instantly stirred up a buzz among campaigners of Obama’s candidacy.

Capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the Obamas, Lorielle established the online store, Barackwear Inc., and sold many shirts. Starting small with an initial investment of $700, Lorielle soon made $500,000 in sales. The “Barack-the-Vote” T-shirts became a symbol of support for Obama and a way for individuals to express their enthusiasm for his campaign.

Though she wasn’t interested in politics, the Obama fever caught up with Lorielle, and Barackwear was her way of supporting the drive. Additionally, 25 percent of proceeds made from the company’s sales was donated to support the Obama campaign. However, the company soon experienced its highest moment when the then-presidential candidate took notice of their company and urged them to continue, according to the b-life.

Lorielle’s success with “Barack-the-Vote” T-shirts was a turning point in her entrepreneurial journey. Recognizing the potential of her creative and business skills, she made the bold decision to quit her job and pursue her clothing line full-time.

She partnered with her brother to create YOTOWN, a non-political clothing line that is focused on creating unique clothing pieces featuring maps of different states – showcasing her ability to combine her passion for design with her interest in politics.

Operating her clothing line allowed Lorielle and her brother to showcase her creative talents and entrepreneurial spirit. Incorporating maps into her designs, she offered customers a unique and personalized way to express their state pride and political affiliations. Her clothing line did not only resonate with customers, but also reflected her commitment to promoting civic engagement and a sense of community.

Lorielle’s entrepreneurial journey exemplifies the power of seizing opportunities and following one’s passions. Her ability to tap into the energy and enthusiasm surrounding a political movement propelled her to create a successful business. Through her creative designs and unique concepts, she connected with a broad audience and made a meaningful impact.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Lorielle’s story is an inspiration to individuals who wish to make a difference in their communities. Her dedication to using her skills and talents to promote political engagement and unity serves as a reminder that everyone has the potential to contribute in their unique way.

As a creative entrepreneur, Lorielle continues to pursue her passion for design and political activism. Her ability to turn her ideas into successful ventures highlights her entrepreneurial acumen and determination to make a positive impact. Through her clothing line, she not only offers fashionable designs, but also encourages dialogue and engagement, reminding people of the power of their voice and their ability to effect change.

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