From single mother with no degree to running a cleaning business worth $10M: the Sirena Moore-Thomas story

Stephen Nartey May 29, 2023
Starting with just a single client, Sirena dedicated herself to providing an exceptional cleaning service. Photo credit: Sirena Moore-Thomas via LinkedIn

As a single mother of twins with no college degree, Sirena Moore-Thomas embarked on a journey that led to the establishment of a thriving cleaning company that boasts an impressive $10 million in revenue. Her story is an inspiring testament to determination, resilience, and the power of entrepreneurship.

Born into challenging circumstances, Sirena drew her work ethic from her father while growing up in Staten Island, New York. He was involved in many small-scale businesses in his bid to sustain the family. When confronted by the complexities of life, she cast her mind to the days her father fended for the family through side hustles, and dropped out of school when she got to the ninth grade.

She was thrust into working life at a young age, and was the first to have a bank account among her friends. At 18, Sirena had become a single mother living in a one-bedroom apartment; though she did not have the qualifications, she applied for several jobs till she got employed at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. While working as a financial sales assistant at the company, she honed the skills to run a business; which was vital to her future success as an entrepreneur.

Despite these hurdles, she was unwavering in her resolve to provide a better life for her children, and recognized the potential in the cleaning industry. With the help of her father, she identified an opportunity to deliver exceptional service to clients. Combining a strong work ethic and a burning ambition, they set out to build her cleaning company from scratch, according to elimindset.

Starting with just a single client, Sirena dedicated herself to providing an exceptional cleaning service, and paid her first employee with her father’s unemployment check. She then resigned from the investment firm and began studying at a community college to improve her skills in business administration; focusing on building a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and meticulous attention to detail. Through her dedication, commitment, and word of mouth spread, her client base began to grow steadily.

As her business expanded, Sirena faced the need to scale her operations while maintaining the same level of quality that had become her trademark. Six years later, the company made its first $1 million.  She recalls how her first contract paid $400. In the first year, the company’s revenue jumped to $8,000, and then to $14,000.

Today, Sirena’s cleaning company stands as a testament to her unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit. With $10 million in annual revenue, it has surpassed even her wildest dreams. Beyond financial success, Sirena created job opportunities for others, empowering individuals within her community and providing them with a pathway to success.

Sirena Moore-Thomas’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and single parents alike. Her journey demonstrates that with perseverance, dedication, and self confidence, one can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and achieve greatness.

Sirena’s success is a reminder that one’s background or circumstances does not define the future, and also that true success is within reach for those who dare to dream big and work tirelessly to turn their dreams into reality.

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