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This Nigerian techpreneur quit his lucrative job to start a software company on track to make $1M

Oladosu Teyibo. Photo credit: analogteam

Oladosu Teyibo is a Nigerian entrepreneur who co-founded Analog Team, a software company that works to transform the tech industry. According to Business Insider, the tech company, founded in 2018, is on track to make seven figures.

He co-founded the company with Myesha Luster and Yao Adantor to among other things, connect diverse talents to tech companies looking to build digital products in the U.S.

Outside of America, Teyibo also focuses on connecting African engineers with startups based in the states. For many years, India has been the leading outsourcing destination for IT companies.

Teyibo’s focus is to make Africa rival India as the favorite destination for IT companies outsourcing certain operations. In this regard, he is betting on the idea that companies in America will start sourcing for talents from the ‘motherland.’

“There is not a pipeline issue or a knowledge gap,” he told Insider. “It’s just about providing opportunities and looking for the gems that are in the rough.”

The Insider reports that Analog Team now operates in six African countries, including Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. The company has also worked with leading telecom operators, social media, and gaming apps and is projected to hit seven figures by the close of the year.

His next project is to outsource talents to build a new social media app, a database for user experience and a data transformation tool.

According to the Insider, Teyibo partnered with the city of Montgomery, Alabama to create a training hub to create more talents. “We’re also in conversation with HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] and local universities to create robotics programs that focus on drone technology,” Teyibo said.

Before he started Analog Team, Teyibo studied information systems technology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). He went on to work at the Cyber Innovation Center where he supervised mergers and acquisitions.

In 2016, he left to co-found Analog Team and has since not looked back. According to him, Analog Team was born out of the bad experiences of companies working with outsourcing companies. He said Analog came in to offer something different. “We integrate and become part of the company,” Teyibo said. “We get so close you actually feel like we’re a part of your team.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Teyibo’s advice is to build a business that can last, adding that the right way to do that is to constantly innovate.

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