What’s life without rum and reggae? Here are 5 more things the world should be grateful to the Caribbean for

Ama Nunoo October 06, 2020
Photo: Aberdeen’s kitchen

Food culture

The Caribbean has one of the world’s best and flavorful food cultures; some people travel specifically to enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine.

There are food lovers who want to sample some of the world’s best foods from different places. According to observers, “the Mecca of Caribbean food” for gourmands is St Martin. The French-Caribbean island boasts of “more great restaurants in one place than in any other area of the Caribbean.”

Currently, one popular street food that has found its way into many kitchens around the world is the Jamaican jerk chicken. This spicy food originated from Kingston, Jamaica, and it’s very popular on the other islands as well. You get to enjoy mostly chicken or meat cooked with a blend of chili peppers, thyme, and allspice.

Note that, some locals add their own twist to the jerk seasoning, but they are all very flavorful. Do not be alarmed when you find jerk fish and sometimes vegetables also in the food stalls.


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