Why Jax Sheets, the first bed sheets for men, was called the best pitch ever on Shark Tank

Abu Mubarik January 30, 2023
“Shark Tank" on ABC. (ABC) WEN MUENYI

On average, men wash their bed sheets and pillowcases every three months. This often leaves them much dirtier than a toilet seat. This inspired Wenceslaus “Wen” Muenyi to create Jax Sheets, the first bed sheets for men, he said.

Jax Sheets are designed to stay clean and wrinkle-free for long durations. They are designed to stay cool during the hottest nights, are not only comfortable but improve blood flow, and stay clean throughout the day thereby improving men’s sleep cycle.

Jax Sheets is a combination of bamboo and copper and it allows it to stay for a long time, according to Muenyi. “So, if you forgot to wash the sheet for a year or two, no one has to know,” he stressed.

The idea for Jax Sheets came when Muenyi used one of those ‘high threat count’ bedsheets available at local stores and Amazon. After thorough research, he bought silk bed sheets and found that his sleep cycle returned to normal, and he was happy to go back to bed every day.

“The first thing I did was try sleeping on every material I could find; first, I bought the best cotton sheets, then I tried Bamboo, then I moved to silk, then I experienced modal, and the list goes on,” he wrote on his LinkedIn page.

“I tried blended sheets that mix a few different materials to get the best outcome. I even tried going to church and praying to god to see if he’d send Moses to help me split the sea of options, leading me to the best sheets ever, sadly I was unsuccessful.” Thanks to his research, he found a solution.

Muenyi showed his creation to his friends who loved it and that’s how Jax Sheets was born. In November 2022, he sold $350,000 of sheets on Kickstarter. According to him, he asked for $10,000 and he ended up getting a whopping $350,000.

He recently appeared on Shark Tank to pitch his business idea to investors. He wanted $212,000 from the Sharks in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. Mark Cuban called Jax Sheets the “best pitch ever”. Unfortunately, Muenyi did not get a deal but that did not dampen his spirit. Today, his products are found on Amazon and his own website.

Currently, Jax Sheets are only available in grey color and they are suitable for queen or king-sized beds. He is planning to launch several new colors following positive responses from customers.

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